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Nick's Links
Nick's Links
My bookmarks/favorites, like most people's, are a jumbled mishmash of oddities. However, I've culled a few interesting ones to entertain you.

How I really make my living:

My portfolio page
My illustration page

Other Web sites I have done (among others):

. . . and presently working on:

DVDs I have produced (and you can buy):

Sole Survivor

I am and have been a musician:

Sofa King WattsMy alter ego dishes out digital ditties
Nick's OtherTunesThree mp3 versions of tunes I recorded when I Was A Musician

I enjoy flying a 747 into SFO, 28-R. When I make the runway, that is

X-PlaneOne of the best flight sims out there
American 228 Heavy, turn left—No, right For you ATC chatter addicts

Since the rest of my bookmarks are all over the place, I'll list the more interesting ones in no particular order:

PenguinsI like penguins
Earth and Moon viewerI live here
Detect cat-like typing, in your own home today! Goofy software
MapsMaps from just about everywhere
Kiss This Guy - Misheard Song LyricsThe Ants Are My Friends
MondegreensMore misheard lyrics
Darwin AwardsMan Bites Truck
The Unhappy TravellerDon't sit next to me
Dangerous PlacesPlenty of seats available
List of Disgusting FoodPoutine is here!
Pitcairn IslandWhere Mel Gibson went with that boat
Canadian World DominationThis is a joke, right?
Visual ThesaurusI swear this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen online
U.S. State Department Travel WarningsOK, you get the picture: I'm paranoid
Air Canada CargoFor whom I have done work

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