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Reincarnation of Peter Proud
Bedtime Story
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Sole Survivor (Shatner/Edwards/Basehart): The DVD!
New: Digitally remastered as of June, 2005!!!!
It's one of the hardest-to-find movies on the planet. When you are able to find it, it's an inferior print, or missing the beginning intro, or whole chunks are cut out of it.

Well, I took a year out of my life for this movie. I bought at least eight versions of it in search of the best version. What I found was interesting: many of the versions had missing sections--whole scenes of important dialogue--probably due to the inept cutting of commercials (this movie has never aired commercial-free.)

I took a missing part out of a version here, inserted it into the master there, assembled the whole thing and painstakingly re-edited it into a form that is as close to the original as I could determine it to be--and then I imported it into a professional digital-editing program.

And then I burned it to DVD. Video quality 9 out of 10! The best you will find on the Internet, GUARANTEED! There is an actual menu that WORKS, not some generic Windows bluescreen. You won't be able to tell the difference between this and a commercially-made copy. I just watched it on my 42" plasma the other day (April 2009) and it ROCKS! Probably most of the other versions on the Internet are copies of mine -- I snagged the best copy years ago and everyone else just copies from my copy. If this doesn't blow you away, YOUR MONEY 100% BACK!

I apologise for what seems to be an inflated cost for this DVD when others are offering it for half the price but I gurarantee that in this case, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR and I that this is the finest copy of this movie you will ever find on the internet. I know because I invested thousands of dollars to just get THIS MOVIE produced to an acceptable form . . . because it haunted me throughout my life like I know it does yours (or you wouldn't be here) and I know you are going to treasure it for years to come. I would never sell you a cheap knock-off -- only the best for me -- and you.

So here, then, is Sole Survivor, the unforgettable 1970 movie starring William Shatner and Vince Edwards as Air Force investigators confronted with the discovery of a WWII B-24 bomber in the desert and a lot of unanswered questions . . .

Email from a happy customer received March 27, 2012:

Hi Nick,

the dvd of Sole Survivor arrived yesterday, which was a lot faster than I was expecting.  I haven't had a chance to watch it yet (I'm going to be busy for the next few weekends with family stuff, but once I have some time to myself I'm going to watch it as part of a seventies triple feature of movies I saw on tv as a kid, with The Deadly Tower and Johnny Got His Gun) but I checked and it plays fine on my dvd player, the picture and sound are excellent!  Thanks very much for the super fast service.  I am a very happy customer.


Alex M Canberra, Australia


Frankenstein: The True Story UNCUT:The DVD

Don't bother looking for this in the video store. The only version you will find will be the severely cut 2-hour version—a travesty if ever there was one. I have been seeking the best uncut version of this film for years, ever since I saw it in all its original gory (sic) back in the 70s. Nothing succeeds like success, I say, and the result is that I found a brilliant copy and laboriously transcribed it to DVD. Not just one DVD, however; this beauty fills two DVDs: 2 hours and 58 minutes' worth.

*Bonus feature: Introduction to the movie by James Mason!

You'll receive two DVDs (Maxell or TDK: the only ones worth bothering with) in a keepcase of the highest quality with carefully designed artwork. This will be a DVD set you will be proud to display on your video shelf.


Frankenstein: The True Story is probably the finest depiction of Mary Shelley,s vision ever filmed. It lacks the hysterical B-movie- blood-dripping title tone from most Frankenstein films, instilling the central characters not with cardboard-cutout personalities but with real emotions and believable reactions to fantastical situations.

After the death of his younger brother William, medical student Victor Frankenstein (Leonard Whiting) determines to find a way of reviving the dead.

Fellow doctor Henry Clerval (David McCallum in a delicious role far removed from the Ilya Kuriakin of Man from U.N.C.L.E. fame) shows him a means of reanimating a severed arm with the use of solar energy. Predictably, as we all know from our own experiments trying to bring dead things back to life, things go horribly wrong, and into the mix comes evil scientist Polidori (James Mason), who delights in creating the maximum possible havoc in the shortest amount of time.

Although Leonard Whiting and Michael Sarrazin were destined to disappear into the ashcan of has-been actordom, they both turn in powerful performances in this British production. A bevy of other greats — Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud and James Mason — take this movie from being a possible high-camp disaster to a soulful, almost-tear-jerking high drama, with very few of the clichés that were fashionable in horror films of this era. Even Jane Seymour manages to get away from sheer prettification to present the luckless Bride, Prima.

Here then, is a classic film to be preserved on DVD for years of horrorful enjoyment.

Sands Of The Kalahari:The DVD



This classic plane-crash-in-the-desert film is a masterpiece of 60s filmcraft. Stuart Whitman is big-game hunter Brian O'Brien, a crusty, ruthless Hemingwayan conniver who decides that the best way to survive after the plane he is in crashes in the desert is to kill everyone else off, one by one, in various nasty ways. Except the girl (Susannah York), of course.

Only monkey wrench in this plan is, well, monkeys.

In this surprisingly lush desert location (it rains a lot!) lives a large band of rather unhappy-looking baboons who want no more than Stuart's leathery hide, so it seems, and Stu is more than up to the challenge.

We have the spear-making. We have the desperate hike across the desert. We have ceramic ostrich eggs filled with water. We even have pygmies, ferchrissakes (oh wait, isn't that Flight of the Phoenix?)

Susannah York manages to keep her makeup in perfect trim as Grace Munkton, the Flirt of the Desert, and Stanley Baker, in his second Africa role (first came Zulu) is as upper clahss as usual. Theodore Bikel (Fiddler on the Roof) provides the requisite German accent and Nigel Davenport, that master British character actor, rounds everything out in the Michael Caine role.

This has never been released on VHS, let alone DVD!


Pray For The Wildcats:The DVD

Roll a doob, pop some Reddenbudder's, invite twenty of your friends, and get ready to watch quite possibly the most bizarre movie ever to come out of the 70s. It's Pray For The Wildcats!

Never mind the goofy-sounding title--this is a real stinker starring none other than: Andy Griffith, William Shatner, Robert Reed (father in The Brady Bunch) and Marjoe Gortner, a classic maniac B-actor.

Andy Griffith is desperately trying to shed his Mayberry RFD image here as he plays a perverted businessman. Bill Shatner does a great hand-wringing job as well, and Robert Reed plays Mike Brady, Hells Angel. And as if the producers couldn't resist putting as many B-listers in, there's also Angie Dickinson.

This movie does not exist on DVD and is made from a pristine print, with all the usual detail to graphics, etc. I personally guarantee this will have you laughing long after the guests have finished worshipping the porcelain god in your bathroom.


here probably aren't too many of you who have a laserdisc player hooked up to your video setup. In fact, I'll bet that 95% of you have never seen a laserdisc, and probably 50% of you have never heard of a laserdisc! But until now, the only place you could see this movie in glorious widescreen with commentary from many of the major players in its creation was on a laserdisc. But not just any laserdisc. This is the famed Criterion laserdisc version of Robinson Crusoe on Mars; the laserdisc that usually sells for upwards of $150 today on collector sites. Why such a high price? Because Criterion put a huge amount of work into this edition (the LD version comes with two laserdiscs) and saw fit to corral many of the creators of the original movie to do the commentary.

The problems of how to preserve the spirit of the Criterion edition while transferring to DVD were many. For those of you who've never watched a laserdisc, the picture is vastly better than anything ever put on VHS and was the DVD of its day, but was pretty much embraced mainly by rabid videophiles. The discs had chapters that you could skip through, like a DVD, but sometimes you had to turn the LD (laserdisc) over to play the other side, like a vinyl LP. You could have alternate audio tracks, but it was a fairly involved process to select between them (there were no onscreen menus.)

In the Criterion LD version of RC on Mars, the two discs were arranged so that while viewing the movie, you could switch between the commentary track and the non-commentary track. I have preserved this feature, although you can't do it mid-stream. In the Criterion version, what I have recreated as optional subtitles that you can watch with commentary on or off, was in the form of a slideshow, with text on a blue background that you had to click through to advance. Needless to say, clicking through these somewhat large blocks of text was tedious, to say the least. In this DVD version, I've arranged it so that it runs, like subtitles, along the bottom of the screen. It is not matched to the action on the screen, but rather as an adjunct to read while you watch the movie. These subtitles are the actual text directly from the laserdisc and describe many facets of the making of the movie and the personalities involved.They run about two-thirds through the movie (a little over an hour.)

Here are some notes from the Criterion LD that also pertain to this DVD edition:

About the transfer:

This exclusive digital transfer was made from a 35mm duplicate negative, struck from the original 35mm Techniscope intermediate positive, and the original 35mm three track mono magnetic track. This film is presented in its original aspect ratio of 2.35:1.

Special features

Commentary by screenwriter Ib Melchior, actors Paul Mantee and Vic Lundin, production designer Al Nozaki, plus noted special effects designer Arnold Skotak

Excerpts from a rare interview with director Byron Haskin

Robert Skotak’s article on the history and the making of the film (presented on the DVD as the subtitle track).

More stuff:

This disc also lovingly preserves all the original Criterion chapter markers, accessible either from the chapter menu or by simply clicking "Next chapter" on your remote control. At any time, use your remote control to turn on/off the subtitles.

You're going to love this disc! Region-free, dual-layer, should play on any NTSC player. Disc comes in DVD case with full-color artwork and description in attractive DVD sleeve. Replacement disc or money back if you have any problems at all!

Yes! I want the Criterion transfer DVD for $49.95 (the laserdisc version regularly sells for more than $150 on auction sites and you are probably never going to see this as an official reissue) plus $6 shipping and handling.

Yes! I want the Criterion transfer DVD, but without commentary and extras, for only $19.00 plus $6.00 shipping worldwide.

Barbary Coast:The DVD
Bill really must have been desperate in these post-Star Trek TV series pre-Star-Trek movies days. But Bill never stays still.

He stayed still long enough, however, to try his hand at this proposed series about a master of disguise (Bill, of course, in his favorite milieu: multiple roles for himself, more so to dominate the production.)

Amazingly, this pilot actually spawned a couple of follow-up episodes, in which Dennis Cole, a fairly talented but one-dimensional actor, was replaced with Doug McClure, who was coming off from his success on “The Virginian.”

Yeah, well, we know where both of them went.

This pilot is a somehwat psychotic episode (bipolar, perhaps) in which Bill tries his hapless hand as, among others, a pirate, a preacher and a “Chinaman”.

You oldsters will recognise many of the cast from the rolls of character 70s TV actors: Linda Day George (umm . . . what did she ever do??), the guy who played “Jaws” in the 007 movies, the guy who was the principal in “Animal House” and many, many others.

The plot is pretty much incomprehensible, but it sure does give an indication as to how much cocaine movie producers were doing in 1975.

Highly recommended.


In this 1974 cult horror classic, Michael Sarrazin plays a college teacher plagued by nightmares so real and so consistent that he writes them down every night. Moving from a conventional psychoanalyst to the more arcane world of parapsychology, he begins to suspect that the soul of a dead man has taken over his psyche.

Obsessed with finding out what the creature inside him wants, he begins to do research on places he is shown in the nightmares, finally ending up in Massachusetts, where he ends up meeting his anguished possessor’s possible killer . . .

In the relaxed style of the age, there is some soft porn, which goes down very well with co-star Jennifer O’Neill, and there is relatively little violence. However, this is a deeply unsettling film.

From an excellent print, this is almost studio DVD-quality. Break out the popcorn and close the curtains.

Marlon Brando and David Niven star in this black comedy (brought to you by the creators of the Beverly Hillbillies!) about duelling gigolos, one with class and one with smarm.

Marlon Brando hasn't appeared in too many comedies, so it's a surprise to find him here, doing an uncharacteristically funny job as trickster Freddy Benson. The role was later reprised by Steve Martin in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (with Michael Caine playing Lawrence Jameson.)

Shirley Jones, she of the regrettable "Partridge Family" actually displayed star material here playing Janet Walker, soap-heiress, who draws the attention of both gigolos in a contest to see who can extract the most money from her.

The remake is the subject of much debate, but the biggest question is why this movie needed to be remade at all; with lots of laughs, Brando and Niven, it's one of a kind.



The picture and sound blow any copy I've ever seen--including the commercial VHS tapes--out of the water! Near-DVD quality! A 9.5 out of 10!!

Loosely based on a true story about a North American trapper hunted by Blackfoot indians, this story is set in South Africa and stars Cornel Wilde as the leaser of a big-game safari gone awry.

There is very little dialogue and no subtitles, but this little forgotten gem needs none, surviving on its own worldless merits as a story of the ultimate triumph of persistence.

This is a composite of a very good print, video-wise, and a very good print, audio-wise. Apparently never the twain shall meet, although the sources were direct from the commercial VHS (not taped from TV).

For anyone who remembers Star Trek or Batman or art-films of the 70s, this is must-flee TV.

Originally an ABC pilot for a proposed series, Alexander The Great was studded with stars of the tube at the time. William Shatner had yet to do Star Trek. Adam West hadn't become Batman. John Cassavetes certainly wasn't an auteur.

"I remember doing the pilot. It was basically a pilot on Alexander the Great, a great subject matter. We rode fast horses without a saddle, which is a skill in itself. Had some wonderful moments making that picture," says William Shatner today. "Oh, was Adam West in it?"

Obviously this effort went down like a lead brick, because although it was made in 1964, it was shelved until 1968, when Shatner and West had achieved some form of stardom. And as we all know, the studios rushed to produce many more episodes.

Little can be said about this hilarious fiasco other than it is possibly the worst sword-and-sandals product ever to come out of Hollywood, but at least it's the most earnest toga movie ever made.

The plot is close to incomprehensible, but as usual, Bill mugs and many funny accents are thrown around, women are wooed and Persians are slaughtered.

One thing is for sure: if Alexander were alive today he'd sue to have his name taken off this picture.

An absolute must for your collection!


Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why should I pay $XXX when Joe is selling a DVD on eBay for $XXX less?

Because Joe doesn't know how to make a proper DVD. First off, he'll be using a cheap generic medium, like Princo, which costs cents on the dollar. I only use the proven best: Maxell or TDK. And I pay top dollar for it. To add insult to injury, he'll probably slap a paper label on it; the worst thing you can do to a DVD. Even a top-brand DVD will become unbalanced with a paper label attached to it.

Joe will not know how to design a proper menu for a DVD. You will get some generic Windows menu and fuddle your way from there. I pay special attention to details and design my motion menus with care so they will work with any player.

Joe will put your precious DVD in a low-cost, blank DVD case. Great. You will watch it once and then put it on the shelf away from the rest of your collection because it looks like a reject. I design all the artwork for a DVD case so that it will look as good, if not better, than the commercial DVDs on your shelf.

Q. Will these DVDs work in my machine? I'm in Europe/Asia/Africa.

Yes, they are completely region-free and have no copy-protection of any kind.

Q. I received my discs but it/one of them skips/won't work/is stuck on one scene. What do I do now?

A. These things can happen even to commercially-produced discs. If this happens, you have two choices: I can send you a replacement disc or I can issue you a full refund. No questions asked!

Q. Can I sell my disc on eBay after I've watched it?

A. Well, it's yours, isn't it? Just don't run off twenty copies and THEN sell them on eBay. I keep a close watch on these things! =+) (Believe it or not, someone has tried it!)

Q. How long will it take to receive my disc?

A. That depends on where you are located and the workload at the time. Generally expect to receive the disc within a week to ten days, but it could be shorter or it could be longer.

Q. Do I have any other options to pay besides PayPal? I don't have an account.

A. It's very easy to sign up. I absolutely don't take personal checks and will only take a money/postal order if you are desperate (it's a hassle to go to the bank, wait in line and then get told there's a $5 processing fee.) It's PayPal unless you really can't do it another way (you can send carefully concealed cash if you want, but I can't be responsible if it gets lost.)

Q. What kind of shipping options do I have?

A. I use Canada Post. If you need it faster, I can send it XPress Post but then I will have to charge you considerably more; usually they charge double if not more for Express.

The following is some of the feedback I have received about the DVDs. I have left the email addresses out to keep spammers away, but will provide them on request:

Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 09:59:43 -0800 (PST)
From: daniel milner
Subject: Re: RC on Mars
To: nicholas robinson <nick at montrealfood dot com>

Hey Nick,

Arrived super fast and "Truly" great transfer my friend. Great menu, film looked great. Couldn't be happier.

Thanks again.


From: "Corey Scott"
To: "Nicholas Robinson" <tonbo@montrealfood.com>
Subject: I got my order!
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 10:40:36 -0600
X-Priority: 3

Hi Nick,

Just wanted to let you know I received my DVD of  Frankenstein: The True Story yesterday and it's great to now have this in my collection of classic movies. I saw this movie on TV ( shown in 2 parts on 2 different nights ) when it first came out in ' 73. Since this full version to my knowledge has never been released on DVD, or in most cases VHS without being cut, your copy is a very good substitute. This is one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies and probably the best represented version of Mary Shelly's impression of her story. Thanks Again!!

P.S. Great job on labeling the box and menu !!

Corey Scott

Subject: RE: Sole Survivor
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 11:17:01 -0000
Thread-Topic: Sole Survivor
Thread-Index: AcO+SfQbioK+5zwARXqE0qP4XSvbxgBjjMAG
From: "Rob Garner"
To: "Nicholas Robinson" <tonbo@montrealfood.com>
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 11 Dec 2003 11:17:12.0062 (UTC) FILETIME=[52DDE1E0:01C3BFD8]

Hi Nick,

...and I've just had the package through!

Thanks to having a Mac at work I've even managed to view the DVD already and it looks really good. Impressive design too!

Roll on my wife's birthday...!



At last! Have managed to watch it on TV - without my wife knowing.

It looks really impressive - and many thanks for sending it over so quickly.

Can't wait to next week now!


Robert Garner
Production Editor

From: "Monica Zasada"
To: nick at montrealfood dot com
Subject: Re: Frankenstein DVD
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 02:50:03 +0000
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 18 May 2004 02:50:04.0041 (UTC) FILETIME=[D2089790:01C43C82]

Hi Nick: Yes! I've received it - today! Very , very cool!

From: "Mike Elliott"
To: "nicholas robinson" <tonbo@montrealfood.com>
Subject: Re: Ready to ship!
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 03:22:43 -0500
X-Priority: 3

Hi Nick

Yes I received the package with Sole Survivor and Frankenstein. Nice job on the Frankenstein movie. I enjoyed watching it very much. Thanks again. Can you get your hands on a movie called World War III (1982) with Rock Hudson and David Soul? Let me know.

Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 00:32:53 -0500
From: "Kenneth M. Batchelor"
X-Accept-Language: en-us, en
To: Nicholas Robinson <tonbo@montrealfood.com> Subject: Re: Notification of Payment Received

Hi Nicholas...

Just wanted to let you know that I received my Frankenstein DVD yesterday and my father and I have spent the past two evenings thoroughly enjoying it! It has been over 25 years since I last saw this film, so this was a major blast from the past! Love that soundtrack by Gil Melle. Your packaging and production are first-rate, and I'm thrilled with my purchase. To quote the creature from the end of the film, "Bravo!"

Ken Batchelor

From: "chris ogren"
To: "nicholas robinson" <tonbo@montrealfood.com>
Subject: Re: Naked Prey Dvd
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 00:28:56 -0800
Seal-Send-Time: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 00:28:56 -0800

Nick, received my copy of "The Naked Prey" Today, thanks so much, you did an excellent job. The sound and picture are first rate !  I would definitely order from you again, anytime. Nice to do business with someone as professional as you. Sincerely, Chris Ogren, Roseville, Ca.

From: "Edward Harris"
To: "nicholas robinson" <tonbo@montrealfood.com>
Subject: Re: Notification of items received (Lady Be Good)
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 19:26:17 -0000

Hi Nick!
The DVD & VHS tape arrived today, safe and snug together in their padded envelope. I took a peek at the disc and it is really nice quality - much better than my old V.C.R. from television copy (that went missing years ago anyway). I can now form my own, local 'Sole Survivor' Appreciation Society with sleep-overs, dicussion groups and hog roasts!
A line from the film that appeals to the British sense of humour, to the extent of always cracking us up, is when the totally exasperated Colonel Gronke (Shatner) whips off his sun glasses and snarls. "Don't ask me! I'm just the man in charge!"
Thanks. Charlie

From: "Anthony Bautista Jr."
To: Nicholas Robinson <tonbo@montrealfood.com>
Subject: RE: Notification of Payment Received
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 13:29:06 -0700

Hey Nicholas,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the shipment today. The artwork is great and so far as I am watching, the quality is very good. Also, I like the DVD menu you established. Good work.

Thank you much.